Sincerest greetings from all of us at Pangea. How are you holding up? We are thinking of you and your loved ones during this time. Since our last update, we continue to lean into the challenges being faced by the women and youth we serve.

On an incredibly positive note, we are in the final stages of preparing for our YWLC online conference for 40+ high school-aged young women from across Texas and beyond. Our staff and over 20 college and high school interns are developing new skills and adapting to ensure a premium program for all participants.

For Kenyan women and youth, while experiencing lower COVID-19 infection and death rates in the country, the economic and social impact has been swift and brutal. Along with historical flooding and locust invasions, food insecurity in Kenya is spiraling out of control. Loss of income is another challenge in the long line of challenges right now.

Our Kenya team has been working hard to support the over 500 women currently in our network and first we had to find out what the women are experiencing. Below are some significant figures:

  • 81% of the women in our network work in the informal sector
  • 51% have electricity
  • 35% have lost their ability to work
  • The average weekly income has dropped from $20 / week before COVID-19 to $7.95 / week now.

Goodness truly is everywhere though – group leaders and members are contributing money and sharing food with those in most need in their cooperative. Local churches are also donating to members and Pangea staff have coordinated and contributed money to put emergency packages together to help get women and their families through this time.

The package includes cooking oil, maize flour, rice, lentils, sugar, tea, and soap.

Our team knows that the longer this goes on, the worse these conditions will get. We will continue to do and provide more wherever and however we are able.

How Can You Help?

For $15, you can provide an emergency package to a woman and her family to help sustain them through this crisis.

We recognize that you all have a lot to navigate and deal with in your own lives. We value you and your many contributions to the world around you and know that none of this would be possible without you.

With deepest thanks,

Nicole Minor
Executive Director