Kenya School Scholarships for Kenyan Students to join our Youth Network
Kenyan women graduated from our 6-month education program
American young women have graduated from the Young Women’s Leadership Challenge
Girls have received adolescent sexual and reproductive health education

Scholarship Students in Kenya

  • Since 2009, 100% of our primary-to-secondary transition students successfully enrolled in secondary schools across the country. 91% of high school candidates have successfully graduated from secondary school.

  • 88% of high school candidates have successfully graduated from secondary school.

  • 27 enrolled in college/university with 12 having completed their tertiary education.

  • 1 student has successfully completed his Master’s Degree in food science on a full scholarship in Budapest, Hungary.

Economic and Community Empowerment

563 small businesses have grown with 46 being start-ups.

177 women received animal husbandry training and livestock.

Kenyan Women's Network participants' average weekly income rose 89% over a two-year period.

62% of the Kenyan Women’s Network reported being able to provide the main source of family income.

372 Kenyan women have received Pangea's first aid training.

YWLC Students in the U.S.

Pangea graduates become active leaders in their communities resulting in key positions in schools, churches and non-profits.

  • All of the 2021-2022 program participants said they consider their leadership skills to be stronger after the summer conference

  • Earn 100 volunteer and extracurricular activity hours for your college application by participating in the YWLC program

  • YWLC has given high school girls the skills to create, plan, and execute a community service project

  • 60% of participants come from underserved backgrounds

  • 432 alumni from 128 schools across the United States and globlly

87% of every dollar Pangea raised goes directly to programs and our mission to empower motivated individuals with the knowledge, skills and an ongoing network of support in order to achieve their dreams and make positive, life-changing contributions to the communities in which they live. You can be a critical partner in bringing about this change in our world.