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Pangea Empowered Individual

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positive change in their communities.

The Pangea Network has truly helped mold my daughter T’Shai Christopher into an excellent leader and mentor. She got involved with the Pangea Network her junior year of high school at Klein Oak. Though I have always considered T’Shai to be a natural born leader, due to her being the oldest sibling, Pangea has made her more welcoming and kind hearted in nature. Prior to Pangea, she was very mature for her age and task oriented, but was more introverted, calculated and aloof, but this organization has taught her how to become more assertive, confident and hospitable. The Pangea Network is essential to building up young women from various walks of life so that they too can replicate and reciprocate excellence for future generations. I have seen this come to pass with my daughter as she continues to work with Pangea to transform other women, and I could not be any happier with the outcome. 

I wanted to send you an email in reference to Juliana’s experience with the YWLC last summer, 2020.  Originally Juliana was very hesitant on taking the YWLC virtually, but we discussed it and she agreed to try it. She participated the entire week and at the end of the event, she was extremely appreciative she attended the event. She really enjoyed the high profile speakers and was motivated by their message. She loved getting to know some of the participants from all over the world. At end of the week, she told me her experience with the YWLC was a “life-changing” event for her. I can’t thank you guys enough for putting in so much work to make this such a great event for young ladies at such an impressionable age. Young girls need as many mentors in their lives as possible to overcome all the negative forces they see around them. As a parent, I have seen how much Juliana has grown over the year and I do believe the YWLC has had an impact on her and her mentality.

Thanks again for all that you do to impact the girls in our community.

Ana Rausch

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