The Pangea Network is an international non-profit dedicated to empowering motivated individuals in Kenya and the United States with the knowledge, skills and an ongoing network of support in order to achieve their dreams and make positive, life-changing contributions in the communities where they live.

Core Values

Our headcount is small but our footprint and network are huge. For every full-time Pangea Network employee, the lives of hundreds in our growing network are changed. The dedication of our tight-knit, resourceful staff cultivates success across borders.

The Pangea Network relies on the support and generosity of others who are also dedicated to our cause. Out of respect to them and our international partnerships, we are an open book—our processes, finances and programs remain accessible.

2017 Annual Report

Empowerment is at the core of all of our programs. This includes empowering our staff, supporters, program alumnae and all those currently in our programs. We strive to empower all motivated individuals to be the best versions of themselves, with the ability to transform their lives and communities for the better. In essence, we believe that empowered individuals will change the world. Empowering individuals is our goal.

Why We're Different

We call ourselves The Pangea Network for a reason. Pangea staff, board members, program alumni and community leaders are dedicated to supporting active program participants and graduates by providing them with the resources and ongoing guidance they need to be successful. We keep our network strong by organizing retreats, events and follow-up training sessions in order to share ideas and best business practices. Together, we find solutions to overcome challenges and motivate each other with our stories of accomplishments within the Network. Learn more about the network we serve and lives you’ve helped change here.

Our generous donors and sponsors are vital to the success of our organization’s programs. Without your kind support, we would be unable to serve the hundreds of individuals who need our programs domestically and abroad.