Winnie, Age: 14, Class: 7
Aspires to be: a Doctor
Institution: Nelion Preparatory
Favorite Book: Clara & the Book Wagon
Mary, Age: 18, Form: 3
Aspires to be: a Pilot
Institution: Mutongoni Academy
Favorite Book: Lead Without a Title
Clinton, Age: 19, Form: 3
Aspires to be: a Lawyer
Favorite Book: Treasure Island
Stephen,  Age: 16, Form: 2
Aspires to be: a Chef
Favorite Book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Kevin, Age: 23, Year: Graduated
Kenya Water Institute (Kitui)
Course: Diploma in Water Engineering
Favorite Book: Manchurian Candidate
Nicholas, Age: 23, Year: 4th Year, 2nd Semester
Kenyatta University
Course: Bachelor in Civil Engineering
Favorite Book: End Game
Kelvin, Age: 23, Year: Graduated
Bukura Agricultural College
Diploma in Biotechnology and Agriculture
Favorite Book: Vampire Diaries
Sharon, Age: 24, Year 4th Year, 2nd Semester
Nairobi University
Course: Bachelor of Arts in Political Science & Public Administration
Favorite Book: The Good Fight
Ivy, Age: 20, Year: 4th Year, 1st Semester
Machakos University
Course: Bachelor of Economics and Statistics
Favorite Book: Storm & Silence Series
Daisy, Age: 22, Year: 4th Year, 1st Semester
Kenyatta University
Course: Bachelor of Law
Favorite Book: Law of Contract in East Africa
Carren, Age: 23, Year: 3
Nairobi Technical Training Institution
Course: Diploma in Project Management
Favorite Book: The Princess Diaries
Euguene, Age: 22, Year: 4th Year, 1st Semester
Kenya College of Accountancy
Course: Bachelor of Software Development and Engineering
Favorite Book: The Rule of Four
Collins, Age: 22, Year: 2nd Year, 2nd Semester
Railway Training Institute
Course: Diploma in Electronic & Electrical Engineering
Favorite Book: Trail of Broken Wings
Margaret , Age: 23, Final Year
Railway Training Institute
Course: Diploma in Civil Engineering
Favorite Book: Gifted Hands
Mitchel, Age: 22, Year: 2nd Year, 1st Semester
Kenyatta University
Course: Bachelor of Fine Arts
Favorite Book: Be Happy-Attitudes
David, Age: 20, 2nd Year, 1st Semester
Institution: Eldoret Technical Training Institute
Course: Diploma in Land Mapping & Quantity Surveying
Favorite Book: Flat Stanley
Yvonne, Age: 21, Awaiting to join College
Aspires to be: a Lawyer
Favorite Book: The Princess Diaries
Lovina, Age: 26, Graduated
Rongo University
Diploma in Early Childhood & Primary Education
Favorite Book: My Sister’s Keeper
Cherlene , Age: 24, Graduated
African Nazarene University
Diploma in Community Development
Favorite Book: Famous Five
Juliet, Age: 26, Graduated
Maseno University
Bachelor in Education & IT
Favorite Book: Chozi La Heri
Petty , Age: 24, Year: Graduated
Kenyatta University
Course: Diploma in Education
Favorite Book: Songs of Lawino
Sheila, Age: 20, Graduated
Kenyatta University
Diploma in Human Resources Management
Favorite Book: Freakling
Javan, Age: 24, Year: 4th Year, 2nd Semester
Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University
Course: Bachelor of Biological Science
Favorite Book: Captive
Jael, Age: 27, Graduated
Nabongo Training Teachers College
Course: Certification in Education
Favorite Book: When the Sun Goes Down
Peruce, Age: 24, Graduated
Maseno University
Bachelor of Education & IT 
Favorite Book: Geography of Africa
Felix, Age: 24, Graduated
Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology
Bachelor of Food Science & Postharvest
Favorite Book: Remember Me
Peres, Age: 26, Graduated
Great Lakes University
Course: Bachelor of Community Health Development
Favorite Book: Think Big
Emmaculate, Age: 26, Awaiting Graduation
Moi University
Course: Diploma in Education
Favorite Book: The Last Leaves Falling
Ivy S., Age: 26, Graduated
Egerton University
Course: Bachelor of Science
Favorite Book: The Switch by Chip and Dan Heat
Joshua, Age: 18, Form: 1st Year, 2nd Semester
Aspires to be: Diploma in Civil Engineering
Institution: Railway Training Institute
Favorite Book: Lost in the Barrens
Julia, Age: 25, Awaiting Graduation
Great Lakes University
Course: Diploma in Education
Favorite Book: Loose That Man and Let HIm Go
Mathews, Age: 20, Form: 4
Aspires to be: a Nurse
Favorite Book: Game Changer
John Paul, Age: 19, Form: 1st Year, 2nd Semester
Course: Diploma in Civil Engineering
Institution: Railway Training Institute
Favorite Book: Kite Runner