As the new moon rises and February unfolds, we think of the power of love. Not just hearts and flowers but the love of service and community. We are grateful every day for your support and the love you demonstrate through giving — positively changing the lives of women and youth in Kenya and the U.S.

This month we feature the spirited Rachel Lameki from Luanda Village in Western Kenya who has participated in our Kenyan Women’s Network program and become a mentor for others.


Rachel’s Power of Love – Service to Family & Community
When you meet Rachel Lameki, you quickly realize she is no ordinary woman. Her passion, energy, and zeal are positively contagious! She is the Chairlady of Osiepe Women’s Group, an alumni cooperative under The Pangea Network. Rachel is a mother of seven children, former police officer, and secretary. In 1996, she resigned from her work and moved back to her village in Western Kenya. Here, she served as a volunteer for an organization to dig boreholes in her area; igniting her love of community. Through community work, Rachel met her area Omwami (Chief). He then nominated Osiepe when an opportunity to partner with The Pangea Network became available.

Rachel is considered a role model and a respected mentor in her community. She mentored Omboki Women’s Group and under her guidance, Omboki joined the Pangea Program and have since successfully transitioned to Alumni status. Rachel herself is a beneficiary of the Pangea Kenya Women’s Network program; siting women’s health training and bookkeeping skills as her greatest lessons. Having these skills allows her to run her chair and tent rental business successfully.

Rachel is God-fearing and loves helping in the community, something she takes pride in and does with her whole heart. She says, “My parents taught me to give. They told me that when you buy two pairs of shoes, also buy one for someone in need.” She instills these same values in her own children. Whenever she visits them in the city, they send baskets back to the village for needy people.

As a widow and mother, Rachel understands the importance of being independent. She urges women to work hard to become self-reliant for the benefit of their families and communities. She is the perfect example of love – for family and community!