Two of our sponsorship students have graduated from their university programs! We are so proud of all that they have achieved.



Cherlene graduated in October of this year with a degree in Community Development. She is the first Pangea student to graduate from tertiary education! While she was still in school, she secured an internship with NASCOP, a non-profit organization that deals with HIV & AIDS. After her graduation, she was retained as an employee with NASCOP in the role of Community Outreach Service Officer.

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity to study and learn. I want to help other kids like you have helped me. All children deserve equality to learn, an equal chance for a future.”

– Cherlene



Felix successfully completed his university education – and he did so with astounding results! He finished first in his class and graduated with honors with a degree in Food Science and Post-Harvest Technology. He just graduated in November, but he has already secured a 6-month internship with a leading retail chain, Tuskys! He is earning a stipend as he works to apply to Master’s programs in Kenya and the United States.


Cherlene and Felix, like many other young people in Kenya, would have had to face many obstacles to reach their goal if it wasn’t for their education. Because of the many amazing donors and sponsors who help support students like Cherlene and Felix, as well as The Pangea Network, they have been able to dream, grow, and become active members of the community.