The Pangea Network, is proud of their strong long-standing relationship with their goodwill ambassador, Will Forte. Forte is an actor, comedian, producer, and writer best known for creating “The Last Man on Earth” and being a former cast member on the show, “Saturday Night Live.” He has been a supporter of The Pangea Network for years and believes in the educational opportunities that this organization provides to Kenyan women and children in finding their voice, gaining independence, and giving back to each other and their communities every day. For that reason, among many others, is why when Will Forte was asked to be on Who Wants to be a Millionaire celebrity edition; giving to The Pangea Network was an easy decision to make.

Last month, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire relaunched a limited series celebrating their 20th anniversary with host Jimmy Kimmel. All participating celebrities from each episode donate whatever money they take home to a charity of their choice. Forte was the first celebrity on the revival edition with his dad, Reb Forte.

The show featured only the host, celebrity contestant and celebrity guest and temporarily removed the “Ask the Audience” lifeline. The format of the show changed slightly, with four lifelines: 50:50, phone-a-friend, which Forte took advantage of, ask the host, and ask the guest. Forte answered 11 of the 15 questions, taking home $32,000 for The Pangea Network. You can watch Will, here!

Not only is The Pangea Network giving hope and voices to young women in Kenya through their Kenyan Women’s Network but also provides through their Young Women’s Leadership Challenge, a year-long program and 6-day conference, educational opportunities for young girls in the U.S. who are learning to be global citizens; gaining skills and confidence they need to be the change-makers of the future.

These two programs are the pillars of The Pangea Network, empowering the youth of America and abroad. Not only does the organization provide these educational opportunities, but The Pangea Network takes it one step further and continues an ongoing network of support for these women to achieve their dreams and make positive impacts on the communities where they live. These programs empower these women, give them a voice and confidence to be leaders, and conquer personal goals and dreams. The work and connection continue well after these women have completed these programs.

The gift from Will Forte will continue to enhance these programs and the opportunities The Pangea Network provides these young women.