Young Women’s Leadership Challenge (YWLC)

Our YWLC year-long program trains educated high-school students, who are trailblazers in the making, to become confident global citizens. We teach not only business management and financial literacy, but also body image and peace building. This wide net of learning shapes our participants to become balanced leaders and fosters a network of passionate role models.

Student Sponsorship Program

The Pangea Network’s sponsored students have an enthusiasm for learning and a passion for empowering themselves and others. Many of our sponsored students have faced backgrounds including poverty, lack of support for education, and sometimes even abuse but in every case they are triumphing over their unique challenges. We provide a means for these amazing children to go to safe local schools with clean uniforms and all of the necessary supplies, while providing support financially, emotionally and physically.

Each of our students varies in age and level of education, but their common denominator is a love for learning and the need for your help. Each student holds huge aspirations, striving to become lawyers, doctors, teachers, engineers and more.

Boys and Girls Retreats

The boys and girls in our Sponsored School Scholarship Program attend mandatory bi-annual three day retreats, where students bond and share their successes and challenges in school and life. This unique Pangea program allows students to form a support system within the Pangea Network and learn additional skills through interactive discussions and lessons, team building, and personal development activities.

TUDAI – Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health

High-risk early pregnancies pose a significant societal challenge in Kenya. According to government demographic data from 2014, 15% of girls aged 15-19 had already given birth, and an additional 3% were pregnant with their first child – the highest rates in East Africa. These young mothers often face barriers to resuming their education, perpetuating the cycle of poverty and limiting opportunities for women in influential careers.

Our TUDAI program, an acronym derived from the Kenyan youth slang words ‘Tubonge’ (let’s talk) and ‘uwazi’ (transparency), aims to spark reproductive health conversations among adolescent girls. By leveraging community members and peers as facilitators, we are fostering open dialogues that educate, inform, and empower young women to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health.

You can be part of the Pangea Network by empowering a woman in our Kenyan Women’s Network, sponsoring a motivated student with a scholarship, establishing an endowment fund or inviting us to speak at your school or event.