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June Kenyan Woman of the Month

June Kenyan Woman of the Month


Selinah Omweyeli



What Pangea Women’s Network Cooperative are you apart of?

Wanandege Women Group

Tell us about yourself

I am 39 years old, a mother of 4, a wife and a green grocer. I was born in Emuhaya in Western Kenya. When I was 9 years old, I was sent to live with my grandmother so that I could assist her, since she had special needs. I schooled while living with her until the time I finished Primary School. I left home to join my family. My parents could not afford to take me to high school since they were poor and they still had to educate my 7 siblings. As a result I stayed at home helping with domestic chores until I got married. I was a housewife, and later on I got employed as a housekeeper. When my contract ended, I partnered with a friend to open a food kiosk, which we closed down due to a hostile environment. I then started my own grocery store, which I have run for 3 years now. I enjoy watching movies and going to church.

What are you most proud of?

I am proud of my children; they mean a lot to me. I am also proud of the certificate I received from Pangea in February 2019. Through their training, I gained a lot of skills that are useful in my life.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned with The Pangea Network?

Stress management was the winner for me. Before the training, when I underwent stress, I would engage in unhealthy activities like sleeping to manage it. It reached a point to where I would get sick. Nowadays, I know I can go out and enjoy a movie, talk to friends etc. I also try my best to avoid unnecessary stress. Business management was also vital to me, as it taught me how to improve my business.

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